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Improved Policy Access by Implementing a Generative AI Chatbot 

Problem Statement: 

Company employees often face significant challenges in accessing specific company policies efficiently. The traditional approach requires manually reviewing numerous policy documents or consulting HR managers for details, leading to delays and decreased productivity. 



Historically, employees had to go through extensive policy documents or seek assistance from HR managers to find specific policies or terms. This manual approach was not only ineffective but also resulted in frequent delays in obtaining vital information. Consequently, employees’ efficiency and overall performance were adversely affected, as they spent considerable time on non-productive tasks. 



To streamline this process, an innovative integration leveraging Azure OpenAI models with the Power Platform’s Canvas App. This solution focuses on custom policy documents stored on Azure Blob Storage and narrows down the search process significantly. The integration features a custom connector that utilizes Azure AI Model’s API, ensuring seamless communication between the chatbot and the Canvas App. 

 The Canvas App serves as a user-friendly interface, enabling employees to interact with the bot in simple English. Users can inquire about specific policies through the app, prompting the bot to search the designated policy documents on Azure Blob Storage. The bot then provides responses in a user-friendly manner, significantly simplifying the policy retrieval process. 

Time and Effort Savings: 

  • Employees can now quickly access policy information without the need for manual searches or managerial intervention. 
  • Estimated time saved per employee: 2-3 hours per week, enhancing overall productivity. 

Streamlined Communication: 

  • The chatbot facilitates seamless communication between employees and company policies through natural language conversations in English.
  • Improved response accuracy and speed, leading to higher employee satisfaction and reduced frustration. 

Enhanced Efficiency: 

  • Integrating Azure OpenAI with the Power Platform enhances accessibility, demonstrating the potential of advanced technologies in solving everyday workplace challenges.
  • Reduction in HR-related inquiries by 40%, allowing HR managers to focus on more strategic tasks. 


By implementing the Optrua Open AI Chatbot, this has not only revolutionized the policy retrieval process but also showcased the transformative power of AI and cloud-based solutions in improving workplace efficiency and productivity.