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Scaleable Add-ons

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-ons by Scalable Solutions enhance and augment your Dynamics 365 capabilities, making your CRM more powerful and efficient. This, in turn, empowers your team to achieve greater productivity and success.
At Scalable Solutions, we are committed to continuous improvement, and our value proposition is constantly evolving based on valuable customer feedback and requests. If there is a specific feature or functionality you require that is not currently available, rest assured that we will develop it for you.

Choose Scalable Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Add-ons and discover new ways to customize and optimize your CRM system.

Wrike for Dynamics

Wrike for Dynamics is a powerful integration that connects Wrike, a leading project management tool, with Dynamics 365, a robust CRM platform.

Scaleable Zoom

Scaleable Zoom is the Zoom integration with Dynamics 365 Sales which allows you to start and schedule meetings directly within Dynamics 365 Sales.

Fireflies for Dynamics

Fireflies for Dynamics is an integration between Fireflies and Dynamics 365 which allows you to record, transcribe, and automate meetings.