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Wrike for Dynamics is an integration of Wrike (Project Management tool) and Dynamics 365. This integration will enable you to manage tasks within Dynamics CRM.

You can get Wrike for Dynamics directly from Microsoft App Source or visit our website, it will redirect you to the download link of the solution.

After installation on Welcome Screen click on Get Registered. Give app permissions to allow Wrike for Dynamics to access the Common Data Service as an organization user and then Setup Profile.
On Registration form, fill out the General information. Select your Subscription Plan or Trial.
Check Terms and Conditions and then hit Submit Button.

From Registration, select trial to get a 30 days free trial.

The trial version of Wrike for Dynamics is available for 30 days after registration. Once the trial period ends, you will need to subscribe to a suitable plan to continue using the integration.

On the registration page, you will see a subscribe for £ 1 / user / month option in the subscription plan section. Select that option, check the Terms and Conditions and click on the Submit button. After that you will need to add the payment details and then click on the pay button. You will successfully subscribe to Wrike for Dynamics.

If you have selected to Subscribe, you’ll be able to make payments via Stripe.

Note: Price is per user per month. The enabled users will be counted automatically.
Enter your payment details and click Pay.

Yes, you can track the status of tasks within Dynamics CRM. This provides you with full visibility into the progress of work being done for your clients.

Yes, you can link any object in Dynamics 365 to a Wrike project or folder. This allows you to associate relevant tasks and projects with specific records in Dynamics 365, making it easier to manage and organize your work.

On Configuration page, there is a section named Wrike Integration Settings. You can check the object with which you want to link a project or a folder and select the destination folder. Click on Save to save the settings.

Give app permissions to allow Wrike for Dynamics to access the Common Data Service as an organization user.

Yes, you can manage the projects within Wrike for Dynamics.

On the configurations page, there is a check box in the Wrike Integration Settings which says “Allow users to change folders from Wrike Tasks widget”. Check this option and save the settings in order to manage your projects from within Dynamics 365.

Yes, you can create a new project/task from within Wrike for Dynamics. To create a new project/task, open any object record > Wrike Widget > Click on the New Project or New Task > Fill in the details in the dropdown > Click on Add Project or Add Task.

Yes, you can change the status of a project/task from within D365. To change the status, open any object record > Wrike Widget > Change the status by clicking on the status > Select a status from the list.

Yes, you can delete a project/task from within D365. To delete a project/task, open any object record > Wrike Widget > Click on the delete icon next to the project/task row you want to delete.

Wrike for Dynamics is available in all countries supported by Wrike.

Before uninstalling the solution, make sure to unsubscribe from Wrike for Dynamics first. This will ensure that your card is not automatically charged on the expiration date.

To unsubscribe from Wrike for Dynamics, click on the Unsubscribe button located next to the Submit button on the Registration page. This will cancel your subscription, and you will no longer be charged.