Microsoft AI Solutions

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize business operations and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Microsoft AI Solutions

Microsoft offers a variety of AI solutions, including Dynamics 365 AI Solutions such as Copilot, Marketing, and Customer Insights, Power Platform AI features like Power BI and Power Apps, and Azure AI tools and APIs. By leveraging these AI solutions, businesses can streamline work, engage customers more effectively, and personalize experiences to drive growth and customer loyalty. The AI capabilities in Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure are designed to empower users across sales, service, marketing, and other business functions, ultimately making their jobs more productive and efficient. Scaleable Solutions provides a comprehensive range of AI solutions to cater to the needs of your business requirements. The expert team has a deep understanding of customization, integration and implementation with AI technologies. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring that you have a seamless experience with our AI solutions.

D365 AI Solutions

AI Field Service Consultant:

Scaleable experts can assist organizations in leveraging Copilot in D365 Field Service by optimizing service operations with AI assistance. They can help in pre-populating relevant data from customer emails into draft work orders, streamlining technician scheduling, drafting responses to customer messages, and keeping frontline workers engaged with intelligent recaps.

AI Sales Consultant:

AI Sales consultants can help you leverage Copilot in D365 Sales by providing expertise in streamlining sales processes, integrating AI into sales workflows, and optimizing the use of AI-powered features such as email replies, meeting summaries, and customer record updates. By working with them, you can empower your sales teams to close more deals faster, deepen customer relationships, and improve productivity.

AI Customer Insights Consultant:

Experience Copilot in D365 Customer Insights to leverage the power of next-generation AI for various tasks. The experts can assist in training teams to use natural language prompts to uncover insights, create customer segments, generate ideas for emails and campaigns, and build customer journeys based on business goals and target audiences.

AI Customer Service Consultant:

Customer Service Consultants help organizations enhance customer experience with AI-driven transformation. They can assist in configuring and integrating Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service Insights to provide actionable insights into critical operational data and emerging trends from the organization's Dynamics 365 Customer Service organization.

AI Business Central Consultant:

Scaleable Solutions provides support to help organizations to create compelling and unique product descriptions. We can assist in implementing Copilot to generate engaging marketing text tailored to the brand, differentiate similar products by including key attributes, and publish to e-commerce stores with ease.

AI Finance Consultant:

Scaleable Consultants can play a crucial role in helping in Copilot in D365 Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Finance, and Dynamics 365 Project Operations. They can assist in implementing and optimizing the use of Copilot to drive efficiency through AI-generated content and intelligent automation. This can lead to improved agent productivity and customer satisfaction and the ability to deliver more personalized customer experiences in real time.

Power Platform AI Solutions

Power Apps AI Consultant:

Power Apps Consultant helps businesses build AI-powered applications using tools from the Power Platform. They can offer features like AI-assisted Copilot for faster app development, AI-driven drag-and-drop functionality, and quick deployment for continuous improvement.

Power BI AI Consultant:

Power BI consultants can help you harness the power of AI-powered Copilot features in Power BI to create stunning reports, streamline data analysis, and improve user interactions in reports through AI-generated content. They ensure that organizations build, use, and govern AI solutions responsibly, aligning with regulatory requirements.

Power Pages AI Consultant:

Hiring an AI Power Pages consultant helps businesses leverage AI-powered Copilot features in Power Pages to build intelligent websites, streamline website development, and integrate AI into Power Pages. Their support can ensure that organizations build, use, and govern AI solutions responsibly, aligning with ethical principles and regulatory requirements.

Power Automate AI Consultant:

Power Automate, a part of the Power Platform, offers AI-powered tools to automate workflows and processes. The experts can build a flow within Power Automate to summarize, classify, and route customer queries for quick responses to complaints or feedback.

Azure AI Solutions

Azure OpenAI Service Consultant:

Consultants can help organizations build their own copilot and generative AI applications using the Azure OpenAI Service. They can assist in fine-tuning AI models using the organization's data and hyperparameters, use embeddings for large-scale data utilization, and utilize simple REST APIs for customization and the few-shot learning feature.

Azure AI Search Consultant:

Consultants can help organizations gain a unique advantage by building, fine-tuning, and training custom AI models grounded on their own data. They can assist in discovering patterns and relationships in the organization's content.

Azure AI Content Safety Consultant:

The AI Content Safety experts can help organizations detect harmful user-generated and AI-generated content in their applications and services. They can assist in implementing responsible AI practices and ensuring that the organization's content is safe and secure.

Responsible AI Dashboard Consultant:

Hire professionals who can assist organizations in leveraging the Azure Responsible AI dashboard by providing expertise in model assessment, applying responsible AI to specific business scenarios, ensuring governance and compliance, and providing guidance to internal teams.

Azure AI Prompt Flow Consultant:

Scaleable experts can help organizations create executable flows that link large language models, prompts, and Python tools through a visualized graph. They can assist in customizing the tool to meet the organization's specific needs.

Azure Machine Learning Operations Consultant:

Machine Learning Operations Consultants can help organizations accelerate automation, collaboration, and reproducibility of machine learning workflows. They can assist in setting up and configuring MLOps to ensure that the organization's machine learning workflows are optimized.



Business Central

Field Service

Customer Service

Project Operations


By cultivating more demand, personalizing buyer experiences, scaling up relationships, and making insight-driven decisions throughout the entire client journey, sales management software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales can help you increase the impact of your sales processes. Scaleable Solutions is a Dynamics 365 Sales partner who can help you get there.

Business Central

ERP software for companies on a route to accelerated growth is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The cloud-based business management software includes services for every aspect of running a business, including supply chain management, operations, sales, marketing, and customer service.


365 Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps you transform and increase the success of your marketing initiatives by involving customers, nurturing prospects, and providing personalized messaging at every level. This marketing project management software allows you to handle everything, from turning leads into business connections to bringing sales and marketing alongside a single source of shared information.

Field Service

To increase customer satisfaction and boost resource efficiency for on-site implementation, maintenance, and break/fix services, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service is used. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, an all-inclusive solution, can assist your business with managing complex service agreements, managing service orders, quickly locating and dispatching resources, tracking assets and inventory, and gaining the intelligence required to offer preventative and predictive maintenance and support.

Customer Service

Intelligent customer service software like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enhances brand loyalty through simple client contact and interactions. You can empower your staff, engage clients, and discover new ways to provide value in the emerging service economy with the help of this solution.

Project Operations

A new Dynamics 365 application is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations (launched in October 2020). The solution combines Microsoft Project's capabilities with the project management accounting features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to provide one application that can handle all your project operations needs, from quoting to accounting to delivery.

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