Scaleable Payments FAQs

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Scaleable payments provides integration between Business Central and Stripe Payments that helps to increase your customer service and provides more secure way to collect customer payments faster.

You can get Scaleable Greetings directly from Microsoft App Source (link of app source) or visit our website, it will redirect you to the download link of the solution

You must have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version 15.0 or above to get Scaleable Payments.

Before Registration you must have a Stripe Account and the Secret API Key. Change Role Center to Scaleable Payments, there you will find the registration Tile. Tap on registration, fill out all the required fields, click Next, then select your package or get a free trial, click next. In Stripe configuration tile paste your stripe secret API Key.

Check I agree with terms and conditions and click OK.

From Registration, select trial to get a 30 days free trial.

You will receive invoice on Email Address  provided in the registration form if you choose a subscription plan other than free trial.