Scaleable Zoom

Zoom and Dynamics 365 is the prefect combination for your online communication and business management

What is Scaleable Zoom?

Scalable Zoom is the integration of Zoom within Dynamics 365, enabling users to initiate and schedule meetings directly within the platform. This powerful integration has revolutionized team communication within Dynamics 365. Now teams can seamlessly come together face-to-face by setting up Zoom meetings with just a single click. This streamlined process enhances collaboration and fosters efficient communication within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem.

Scaleable Zoom Features

Zoom meetings

Create Zoom meetings within Dynamics 365 Sales.

Multiple Contacts Options

Select multiple contacts for a meeting in a single click.

Auto Scheduling

With Scaleable Zoom, you can do auto-schedule and reschedue.

Meeting Reminder

Send meeting reminder and invitation emails for meetings.


View calendar for all upcoming meetings.


Track your all Zoom meetings within Dynamics 365.